Love in action

In my book “Hari and Rudi in the land of Fruit” we are getting to know a “character” Kindness through the story where the other children in the village where sharing their toys with Hari and Rudi.

Is kindness only an act in our lives or is it a lifestyle we are living out specially now in these difficulty’ times with COVID-19. Are we only making sure that our own cupboards are filled up to the brim and emptying all the shelfs in the shops or are we thinking about others whom may not have the resources to fill their cupboards with the basic essential items they need to live? It is time to look around you and see others in their needs and show them your mercy, compassion and that you really care about them.

Take a minute and think how you could put love into action in the area you are living in.

The Bible is teaching us also about this kindness.

In the Old Testament we have David who showed kindness to Saul’s grandson Mephiboshethl by giving him what belongs to him (2 Samuel 9)

In the New Testament Jesus is telling a story about the Good Samaritan to teach us how to show kindness to other people in need. (Luke 10:30-37)

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Do you feel being lucky that you have roof over the head and food on your table or are you taking it as God’s blessing and you are sharing it with others.

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