Being available for God

God is not interested in your abilities whether you have them or not, He is more interested in your availability to be used by Him.
Our disabilities can sometimes hold us back we feel inadequate and get into a negative spiral, saying, “Oh, no. I can’t do this, I can’t speak, I am not good with my hands or I am not good at organising things.”

I am guilty of saying all the above at times, too. I have been in a wheelchair for four years and also have other disabilities which I have allowed to holed hold me back from being used by God. But I have learned that there is so much blessing in simply doing what I can for Him.
No matter what disabilities you face God can take the little you have in your hand and multiply it, like the little boy who gave the two fishes and five roles of bread.

Some years back I learnt the story of a man called John who had disabilities similar to mine. I would like to share his story with you

In a beautiful old city where the crowds clutter the streets, they went about their daily business by day and by night. The noise of those people was like the sound of snare drums for John which disturbed him sometimes. John moved to this town soon after his parents died and he was feeling quite alone. All he could find for a home was a flat on the sixth floor of a tall house in the old part of the town which was bustling with life all day long. It wasn’t easy for John living on the sixth floor but he had some loyal friends that help him every day bring his shopping and also a Newspaper.
John at first found it very hard to come to terms with his disability and felt very hopeless and good for nothing. To make matters worse, some people who didn’t have any respect for disabled folks mocked him from time to time. This deeply saddened John. 

One day John woke up and looked down on the busy street below from his little window that didn’t let much sun light in to his room. John started to think how I can reach these people for Jesus?. Suddenly a bright idea popped into his head.
This was to use the Newspapers to make paper planes with little notes on them and fly them out of the window.

Some of those notes read like this: If you are lonely and need a friend then come up to the sixth floor to my flat and have a cup of tea and a chat. 
Another would say if you need to talk with someone about your life problems then pay me a visit on the sixth floor. 

This was back in the days before people were so fearful and suspicious, so when people on the street below would find the notes, they’d pay a visit to John up on the sixth floor. John would share his life and talk about Jesus to those people. Some would listen and some didn’t want to hear about this but some found Jesus.

After John began to reach out to other people and they got to know him, people started to see John in a more positive way. John didn’t feel hopeless anymore because he was able to be used by God.

So John learnt from all this that God can still use people with their disabilities, if they are willing to use what they have been given by God.  

We all have a tendency to believe the negative things that people say to discourage us but we need to focus on the potential that God has given to every one of us.

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