Why read a book?

What was the reason that you last picked a book up from your bookshelf? Was it to dust it? Was it to replace it with an ornament? Or did you open it and read it?

We don’t see so many young people reading books these days. If it comes to that we don’t see so many adults reading books these days either. Too often they are keeping their mind occupied with the virtual world on their phone or an i-pad.

Whytoread.com has revealed that there are 10 main reasons why it is good to read. It will change your life. I have shown nine of those reasons below.

  • Reading enables you to learn new words and expressions. It gives you the tools necessary to help you to explain yourself to others. 
  • Reading will improve your focus and help you to concentrate. You can become so focused on your reading that you will be barely aware of the room in which you are sitting. Does that sound familiar?
  • People who read will be more likely to visit museums and concerts than people who don’t read. Readers are more likely than non-readers become volunteers with charitable bodies, and will be better informed about the world in which they live.
  • Reading will improve your imagination.  The reading of stories will enable you to visualise the background in which the characters are set. The writer will be describing the environment as they see it but your imagination will add further details to the picture in your mind.
  • You can discover further information by reading around other subjects. This will help you to broaden your outlook and you can become better informed and partake in conversations without embarrassment.
  • The habit of reading will make you into a more interesting and attractive person. Others will be looking forward to meeting you and will enjoy engaging you in conversation.
  • Reading is an excellent way to reduce stress. 6 minutes reading a day can reduce your stress by a significant amount.
  • Reading will enhance your brain power and your memory will be improved.
  • Reading is an excellent way to stay occupied.  Your holiday flight will pass in an instant with a good book or a magazine and  you will be surprised how quick your flight was.

I hope that you have found something in this blog that has made you think.

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