The magic of wool

Over the years I have stashed up boxes of wool and more then a year ago I gave myself a promise that I WILL not buy any more wool until I have used up one of my 75 l storage boxes full of wool. It was easier to say then to do as you all knitters and crocheters know we never have the right colour of wool for our new projects

I don’t know how it is with you but if I see a nice ball of wool then I feel like the money is burning in my pockets. Then I just can’t resist buying it and at that moment I don’t think what I could make out of it. There have been some exemptions where I have been looking for a specific wool for my new project but then I have struggled to find the right one and gone back to my stash and made mix& match

I have been crocheting for more then half of my life but in 2020 I learned how to read a crochet pattern in English.Before that all them sc, inc, dec,ch and dc was like double dutch for me It may surprise you but now I need to translate crochet patterns from my mother language( Estonian ) to English to be able to understand them. This is a result of living in the UK since 2012.

There isn’t much knowledge needed to create beautiful art when you just have a ball of wool and a crochet hock .

I have fallen in love with cotton or cotton/ acrylic mix over the last months and the love for them seems to be carrying on into 2021.

Here are my creations from 2020 which are also available on order

This lovely bunny is made of cotton & acrylic mix .

One of them has already landed via US in Canada

Bringing back the memories of last summer with them lovely hand crochet lavender hearts. The lavender is home grown which gives it a very personal touch.

Bunny baby comforter made of 100% cotton is looking for a friend.

Sleeping beauty pink Octopus is dreaming about a nice cuddle with a new friend.

Sleepy octopus rattle made of 100% cotton is looking for a play mate

Nice and Bright baby comforter/ rattle Giraffe made of 100 % cotton is ready for it new adventures

This was a project where I had a ball of bright orange cotton and as I went along with crocheting I just added some cream cotton from my stash.

The lovely cat found a playmate in Estonia.

My little Pony baby comforter made of 100% cotton

I love crocheting so just get in touch if you are interested in any of the lovely creations.

Made with love Aigi

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